Forced to follow a leader who’s going the wrong way

I have the feeling of a man who knows that he is being forced to follow a leader who is going the wrong way. It is that feeling of being a follower who knows that at some stage, he will have to go all the way back to the starting point in order to find the right way.

We use the internet - we do not have to watch your jingles.
We use the internet – we do not have to watch your jingles.

There is something about the government of Zimbabwe’s ideology that is out of sync with reality. Someone seems to be bent of fighting wars of yesteryear and refuses to accept today's reality. As a result we have such discord that Zimbabweans do not know whether they are being led into the future or dragged into the past. Sadly, our president will never be the best judge in a case where he is a respondent – he will keep pulling the country the wrong way

On one hand the country has signed up to many international bodies such as SADC, the AU and the UN. Membership of these organisations is purportedly to enhance the status of the country but in some ways it is an acceptance of the reality of today. It is an acceptance of the fact that the world has become one huge market place – the global village. We are in age where one can consume products from the ends of the earth.

When goods and products cross borders at the click of a mouse, the old-school quasi-Marxist closed state suffers a severe cold. Mobile technology means that the telephone exchange staffed with secret agents to listen into our private conversations is directly challenged.


Growth in globalisation in the past few decades has brought with it great governance challenges for the old-school nation state. The pace of change means that nations like Zimbabwe that have not been able to adapt to keep pace with the changes have a major dilemma – they are seeking to manage a political environment that no longer exists.

The global village has moved on leaving the Zanu (PF) element of government behind. Some of the so-called comrades in the inner circle know this and they have mentally left the president on his own in the dark ages trying to fight against today's global reality using sovereignty as a weapon.

Globalisation has challenged Zanu (PF)’s political strategies such as shutting the borders, brutalising journalists, media black outs and revolutionary jingles. The population has alternatives. We use the internet, we have satellite dishes and therefore do not have to watch your jingles.

Denial of reality

The government's denial of reality has led to an estimated 35% of the population leaving to explore opportunities in the global village. The nation state of yesteryear is an endangered species. Even the president and his inner circle emotionally accept the global integration reality, they send their children abroad for education and seek medical attention abroad. They now accept that they have to ask SADC for permission to hold elections in `my Zimbabwe'!

Seeking absolute power where economic and social realities dictate otherwise is ill advised. The recent aggressive form of nationalism shows that they have no strategy to deal with reality – they will use the same old tried and tested tactics of unleashing waves of violence onto the population at the next election

The people of Zimbabwe have long since decided that globalisation is here to stay. As a nation we should seek to influence it as players in the field rather than armchair supporters. Our great nation has a unique selling point, the global village will maintain an interest in us. We need to position ourselves so that we can get the best value out the resources that we can produce.

We are being coerced into following an ideology that belongs to the last century.

But one this is certain – Zimbabwe will go global. We may take backwards steps while Zanu (PF) still clings to power, but we will make huge strides once we have a government in place that shares the reality with its citizens.

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