Global Roundup

Extradition denied

Rwandan attempts to extradite its former first lady from France in relation to the 1994 genocide have failed. The African authorities have argued that Agathe Habyarimana, 69, was responsible for planning the racially-motivated death of 800,000.

Afghan bombs kill

Two police women and a civilian have been killed in a roadside bomb blast in Herat, western Afghanistan. At least 10 were injured. It comes after 16 people, including 11 children, died in the province on Tuesday after a blast.

Shark attack

A British man is lucky to be alive after a shark attack while swimming at Fish Hoek Beach in South Africa. The 42-year-old entered the water an hour-and-a-half after a great white shark had been seen in the area. He is in a serious condition in hospital.

Fifa fight

Tensions between Fifa and the next World Cup Football hosts, Brazil, have erupted into a war of words. Fifa head Sepp Blatter wrote to Brazilian president Dila Rousseff expressing concerns about the country’s preparedness for the 2014 event.

Car sale

Cubans can now buy cars. The communist state has long restricted private ownership and only allowed the trade of pre-1959 vehicles in the country, but reforms by President Raul Castro allow Cubans to buy cars from foreigners.

Hong Kong buffeted

Massive Typhoon Nesat has hit mainland China prompting authorities to evacuate 300,000 on Friday. The storm’s howling gusts, rain and rough seas brought Hong Kong to a standstill and killed 39 in The Philippines.

Pupils head home

Classes were cancelled at a Mexican school after five severed heads were found near the campus. The heads were found in a sack inside a wooden crate. Teachers were threatened, by suspected drug cartel bosses, earlier this month.

Europe bails on bailout

The Eurozone bailout for Greece looks set to materialise after German Chancellor Angela Merkel managed to have the German parliament approve her changes to the fund. The strong support is a boost to Merkel who is under pressure from voters.

Killer fruit

Bacteria on rockmelon have been linked to the death of 13 people in the United States. Investigations by health authorities after the deaths, and illness of 72 others over 18 states were all linked to a Colorado farm.

Unearthly find

Australian astronomers have identified the position of Earth’s galaxy in the cosmos. Instead of the being randomly distributed as previously thought, researchers in Canberra found the galaxies were spread along a single plane.

Jackson trial begins

The personal assistant to late pop star Michael Jackson has told a court the doctor on trial for the singer’s manslaughter tried to cover-up information minutes after the death. The prosecution contends Conrad Murray’s injection of a powerful anaesthetic killed the star.

Immigration sweep

Almost 3000 illegal immigrants have been arrested by US authorities in a nation-wide crackdown. The operation found 1300 of those arrested had multiple convictions ranging from drug trafficking to kidnapping and attempted murder.

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