GNU a tug-of-war: Khupe

Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe has described the Government of National Unity as unworkable and a tug-of-war between Zanu (PF) and her MDC party.

Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe: growing frustration, GNU not working.
Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe: growing frustration, GNU not working.

She told an MDC youth meeting recently in Chitungwiza that Zanu (PF) was “bent on frustrating progress”.

“The Inclusive Government it is not working,” said Khupe, reflecting the growing frustration within the MDC as haggling over outstanding issues drags on while SADC the mediators seem incapable of enforcing a lasting solution to the crisis.

Despite having won the election in 2008, Zanu (PF) continues to play second fiddle to Mugabe. Last week, senior civil servants snubbed Tsvangirai who was on government business when he visited Mashonaland East. The province is regarded as a Zanu (PF) stronghold.

The frustrated premier said he would engage Mugabe over the behaviour of the government officials.

Zanu (PF), which has control of key government departments such as the Ministry of Defence, and Ministry of Mines and also State Security, has been reluctant to institute any institutional reforms in the partisan security forces.

No minister or legislator from the MDC has been allowed access to the controversial Chiadzwa diamonds fields where Zanu (PF) is allegedly looting and stashing a war chest ahead of elections next year. The Mines ministry has not channelled proceeds from mining activities to the treasury.

Khupe said that the only solution was free and fair elections and urged people, particularly youths who constitute 60 percent of the population, to register as voters.

The MDC is adamant that elections will only take place after the new constitution is in place, as well as agreed election roadmap that among that ensures the outcome of the election will be respected by all concerned.

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