Governance: Zim hits bottom

Zimbabwe is among the countries worst affected by bad governance, according to a report released by a leading socio-economic think-tank this week.

According to the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Zimbabwe ranks 51st out of all 53 countries ranked in the organisation index, having dropped a massive 20 points from its 2010 ranking. It ranks only higher than Chad and Somalia.

According to the index, which committee chairman, Salim Ahmed Salim launched on Monday, the main problems afflicting Zimbabwe are a lack of regard of the rule of law, human rights violations and lack of national security.

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation, a brainchild of Sudanese billionaire of that name, assesses governance in the continent. It provides a framework and tools for citizens, public authorities and partners to assess progress in governance.

Zimbabwe, where corruption is rife, has ranked lowly in the index since the Mo Ibrahim Foundation introduced the rankings table in 2006.

The period coincided with the worsening of the political and economic crises that have bedevilled the country over the last decade after President Robert Mugabe’s regime introduced controversial policies.

According to the index, Mauritius, Cape Verde, Botswana, Seychelles and South Africa, in that order, are the best governed countries in Africa.

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