Govt policy on indigenisation …more than rhetoric: PM

The issue of indigenisation should not be based on political rhetoric, but should be the product of a clear government policy, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said in Parliament this week.

He highlighted that the point of indigenisation was to create more wealth so that the people of Zimbabwe were able to genuinely benefit from the process.

“The issue of indigenisation is of national concern. We need to promote not damage investment in the country,” Tsvangirai said. “The idea is not to share a small cake but to grow the cake that people are able to share. We need to create wealth through the creation of funds so that the people are able to benefit.”

The Prime Minister’s Question Time gives Members of Parliament an opportunity to question the Prime Minister on key government policies. Another issue raised by Mutare Central MP and the MDC’s chief whip in Parliament, Innocent Gonese, was that of hate speech in the media.

“One would be forgiven for thinking that there were two governments in Zimbabwe. There is need for multiple media space not a situation when newspapers want to go into radio broadcasting,” said President Tsvangirai, referring to Zimpapers which has applied for radio licence.

“Without media space, you cannot speak on democracy,” he said.

Tsvangirai also addressed the lack of zeal shown by some board members, a situation which had led government companies to operate below standard.

“The greatest weakness in the parastatals is that there is no sense of responsibility among the board members because they feel it belongs to the government and they don’t care if they make a loss. These parastatals are a very serious drain on our resources,” he said, calling for heads to roll in non-performing parastatals like the Air Zimbabwe.

Other issues discussed during Question Time were the need to develop the country’s infrastructure, especially major roads, and the worrying issue of escalating political violence. The Prime Minister laid the responsibility for curbing the violence at the feet of Home Affairs ministers.

“The three principals in the inclusive government have made commitments that there should be no violence in the country. Those who commit violence should be arrested,” he said.

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