Heads should roll

It is staggering that the co-minister in charge of the police cannot get a briefing from the cops about their investigations into the death of a national figure such as Solomon Mujuru.

We would have thought that briefing ministers was part of any civil servant’s job description. That the police feel, for whatever reason, they cannot brief their minister, Theresa Makone, there is something fundamentally wrong. The police need to be aware that there is interest in their investigation of this death – especially when there is considerable speculation about the cause of death.

Many questions surround the death of the General and it is common knowledge that the investigation was compromised right from the start, when the crime scene was not properly secured by the Zimbabwe Republic Police for forensic purposes.

It is also common knowledge that the police force is politically compromised, and severely incapacitated by the appointment and promotion of un-trained Zanu (PF) cadres across all ranks.

There is considerable interest in finding out exactly what happened on the night Mujuru burnt to death in a farmhouse. Parliamentarians have also expressed anxiety about the investigation, and been scathing about the ZRP – urging government to invite foreign police forces to assist the local police in seeking answers to the case.

Needless to say, the police have arrogantly dismissed these calls. But still they have failed to come up with any answers.

Mujuru’s widow and family, as well as the nation, deserve answers. Anywhere else in the world, heads would roll if a police force refused to brief its own minister. This kind of behaviour is simply unacceptable.

Police chiefs must know that they serve the entire nation and the ministers, whether they like them or not, represent the will of the people who elected them.

Nobody elects police chiefs. They are appointed servants of the people.

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