Healing hot springs neglected: locals

Kabata hot springs, one of the major tourist attractions in Binga is being under-marketed and neglected, despite the natural springs offering historical and scenic attractions.

The hot springs situated in chief Sabo’s area, about 90km from Binga centre, are ssociated by the Batongas with rain–making and healing properties.

People from as far as Harare and Bulawayo have found it worth their while to travel to Binga and cure their ailments in the hot springs.

“The locals are lowering the value of the area as a tourist attraction by doing their laundry at the springs. These springs are a money spinner and there is need to protect them from vandalism and construct tourist–friendly structures such as toilets and fencing at the site,” said Martin Hudges, the owner of Zimuga lodge in the area.

The springs are also being destroyed by cattle and donkeys that drink water at the site.

The water contains sulphates, calcium, chloride, bicarbonates, sodium and magnesium.

Water from the springs has got a faint sulphur smell when hot but this disappears after cooling. When cold, Hudges said the water becomes clear and fit for humane drinking.

Other hoteliers who spoke to The Zimbabwean echoed Hudges sentiments adding that there is need to fence the hot springs off and turn them into a world class tourist attraction.

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