High court orders the reinstatement of Harare councillors

The High Court has ordered the reinstatement of four Harare councillors who were unfairly dismissed by the Local Government minister, Ignatius Chombo for alleged corruption last year.

Ignatius Chombo
Ignatius Chombo

The councillors; Silas Machetu, Paul Gorekore, Maxwell Katsande and Johnson Zaranyika were unfairly dismissed by Chombo for allegedly evicting council tenants from their homes.

High Court judge, Justice Bharat Patel’s ruling that the decision by the probe team, assembled by Chombo to investigate the councillors, was based on a “grossly irrational” judgment.

Chombo’s dismissal of the Harare councillors was nothing but part of his grand political plot to stop Harare councillors from investigating him for corruption involving prime council land in Harare, says the MDC in a statement.

"If there is anyone who must be fired for corruption, it is Chombo himself for the massive wealth and property which could only have been corruptly acquired. Chombo has dismally failed to explain the source of all this wealth.

'The MDC demands that the interference by Chombo with local councils controlled by the MDC must unconditionally be brought to an end. It is an affront to democracy when Chombo, a senior member of a losing party, Zanu PF, continues to abuse his public office.

'Zimbabweans deserve real change. They want the councillors they elected to deliver quality service and not to be interfered with by a top politician who is facing serious enquiries on how he acquired his vast nauseating wealth.

Chombo has been trying to cleanse himself of his grime by diverting attention from himself by dismissing democratically elected councillors.

His actions are not only politically motivated, but are a clear evidence of abuse of office to further the interests of the opposition Zanu PF. He should be stopped immediately from manipulating the law for selfish Zanu PF projects that affect service delivery," says the statement.

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