How rich was retired General Solomon Mujuru?

The late General Solomon Mujuru was well known for his diverse business ventures, which included mining, agriculture, transport, tourism and investment in the construction industry.

Solomon Mujuru
Solomon Mujuru

This probably puts him as one of Zimbabwe’s richest individuals but it is a secret the former army commander seems to have taken to his grave. He died in a mysterious farm house fire in August that is still under investigation.

There is no doubt Mujuru and his wife Vice President Joice Mujuru used their position in ZANU PF and government to build up a substantial business empire.

They became one of the richest families in Zimbabwe, with a portfolio of business enterprises and 16 commercial farms. The retired general once declared he didn’t fight the liberation war to end up a poor man.

Our Harare correspondent Simon Muchemwa told us Mujuru was a multi millionaire and a smooth operator who ran his business empire from behind the scenes.

‘He was very wealthy but lived an ordinary life. He never showed off or lived an extravagant lifestyle. He was a simple businessman who used his position in ZANU PF to acquire his wealth silently because no one dared challenge his business deals,’ Muchemwa said.

The only person to ever challenge the late General’s business dealings is the powerful Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa who years ago blocked Mujuru's bid to take over the huge Zimasco chrome smelting operation. From that time the two became fierce political and business rivals, with some suggesting they never really liked each other.

Mujuru was also a director of the River Ranch mine, which is alleged to be a money laundering set up for illegal ‘blood diamonds’ from the DR Congo. Mujuru was also accused of using his daughter Nyasha Del Campo to sell Congolese gold on his behalf.

The interesting question now is who will inherit Mujuru’s huge fortune. Most probably his four daughters with his wife Joice, but a rift is brewing among his children born out of wedlock, over how to share his vast estate. Mujuru is believed to have left a will with his lawyers, detailing how the wealth should be shared among his children.

15 children have reportedly knocked on the doors of the Mujuru family home claiming to have been fathered by the late General.

Joice must be less than pleased. – SW Radio Africa

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