Join forces to address power woes: Maasdorp

It is important that customers are regularly informed of the stark reality of generation capacity in Zimbabwe, says the Chairman of the Zimbabwe Power Company, Richard Maasdorp.

He said the demand for power was around 1,800 MW at daily peak and growing. Local installed operational capacity today is around 1,200 MW – leaving a gap of 30%. The only way to close this gap is to install additional capacity and the shortest timeline to achieve this is four years.

“So I urge all customers and stakeholders to understand this and take whatever steps they can to mitigate against this stunted power capacity,” he said in a recent statement.

Maasdorp urged the formation of an Energy Forum among major customer groups to facilitate dialogue. “We need to seek solutions that will help address this shortage: remove duties on solar power equipment, remove duties on low energy power devices, change the building by-laws to insist that all middle and high income new houses use solar geysers, insist that new mines install solar systems in their housing and other water heating processes etc. Most importantly to engage in a national education campaign on how to be more economical in our power usage.

“Other power producers need to be encouraged to enter the market. Licenses have been issued but it seems there is little appetite to invest, why? We need to debate these issues,” he said.

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