Madzore locked up on murder charge

MDC Youth Assembly President, Solomon Madzore, who was arrested on Monday on spurious charges, has been remanded in custody to October 19.

Solomon Madzore
Solomon Madzore

Since the MDC-T Congress in March, the youth assembly has proved to be a thorn in the flesh for Zanu (PF), which still controls state security institutions. Madzore is being charged with the murder of police officer Petros Mutedza in May, who died after a misunderstanding with revellers and vendors in Glen-View.

So far the police have arrested 27 activists in connection with the murder. 14 MDC members are still in prison amid reports that the detention is an elaborate plan to incapacitate the youth movement ahead of elections.

On Friday Chipangano, a terror group linked to Zanu (PF), vainly tried to intimidate youths sympathetic to Madzore who had gone to hear the case.

Promise Mkwananzi, the youth assembly Secretary General, said they were aware of Zanu (PF) plans but would not be shaken.

A source in Zanu (PF) said the party is concerned by the growing influence of the youth assembly, which has been very active recently forming Voters Network and urging youths to register.

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