Makoni blasts Organ for National Healing

The Organ for National Healing and Reconciliation has done nothing to bring healing to the victims of political violence orchestrated by Zanu (PF) during the 2008 presidential runoff, says Simba Makoni.

Simba Makoni: Zanu (PF) strengthening implements of terror
Simba Makoni: Zanu (PF) strengthening implements of terror

The leader of Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn said the only solution to reconcile the divided nation was the removal of fear amongst the people.

“Flighting adverts on a national broadcaster and the holding of meetings by a designated body which does not engage victims and people at personal and grassroots level is not enough to bring national healing to a highly polarised nation like Zimbabwe,” Makoni told journalists last week.

He underscored the need for inclusive government to disband the instruments of violence and fear such as the partisan state security agents and militias such as Chipangano.

He took a swipe at Zanu (PF) for not being sincere to the GPA by strengthening instruments of violence and fear in rural areas such as Nyanga North and Chimanimani in Manicaland.

“It’s sad that Zanu (PF) is strengthening such machinery at a time the country is in great need of national healing,” said Makoni who is a former Finance minister and Zanu (PF) politburo member.

The national healing process will only succeed in the country if perpetrators publicly admit and acknowledge their past crimes, he said. The organ suffered a still birth as political parties failed to agree on an implementation strategy.

Zanu (PF) wants an umbrella amnesty for its members who committed grave human rights abuses while the MDC formations want a South African model of Truth and Reconciliation Commission, where perpetrators come out in the open and confess.

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