Mash East to decide next election: Denga

The people of Mashonaland East, who have endured some of the worst political violence, will decide the next elections, says Provincial Chairman Piniel Denga.

The people have proved they have the courage to stand up against Zanu (PF) bullying, Denga told The Zimbabwean in an interview. He described Zanu (PF) as an expired brand, and said that since the turn of the year his executive had been reaching out to people in Mashonaland, building unity and invigorating the party led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

“What will enable us to win elections is that we now have enough structures to enable communication. He said new communication technologies, particularly increased cell phone usage and network coverage, would enable communication even in areas cordoned off by Zanu (PF) thugs and state security forces – such as Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe.

“Elections are won by numbers and we should work to mobilize the votes. We hope that next year’s elections will be a watershed. The winds of change have come across Africa once again – even in neighbouring Zambia,” said Denga.

Denga said his team’s outreach programmes had found that people in Mashonaland East, where Zanu (PF) still claims to have a stronghold, were ready for elections and were strongly behind the MDC.

“We are prepared for polls next year. The people are ready, you cannot compare the brands of Tsvangirai and Zanu (PF). MDC is like Coca Cola – a brand you will find everywhere and which you can be proud of,” he said.

Despite Zanu (PF)’s claims that that the ballot will not decide who will run the country, and several army chiefs vowing never to recognize a government led by a person with no war credentials, Denga said the time was now ripe for the dominance of pen and paper over the might of the gun.

“Pen and paper will win this election. Let Zanu (PF) intimidate people – but we will make a statement on elections,” he said.

Out of 19 constituencies in Mashonaland East province the MDC-T currently holds three, Mutoko, Mudzi and Murewa, while 16 are in the hands of Zanu (PF).

“Because Mash East will give the deciding vote, people can no longer be easily intimidated. We are aware that the urban vote has failed to garner enough votes to ensure outright victory so we are looking at areas such as UMP because it is lagging behind. We are confident that, using the available technology we will be able to get to all areas,” said Denga.

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