Mayor supplies chickens

MDC-T Town Mayor and ward 9 councillor, Farai Nyandoro, has provided broiler chickens as part of an empowerment initiative for women and people living with disabilities around the farming area of Nora.

Beneficiaries of the empowerment project.
Beneficiaries of the empowerment project.

“There was need to empower the vulnerable groups in our communities and naturally women and people living with disabilities would benefit from such programmes. I will provide 200 chickens and stock feed when the first lot reaches three weeks of age. This will enable the project to run continuously on a multiplier bases until the initiative grows to a thousand chickens per lot. Besides the community benefitting from affordable chicken meat, they would also be gainfully involved in income generating projects”.

Nyandoro discussed his plans to shift his attention to a district level.

“Soon I will introduce similar projects at a district level. Initially I will target adult beneficiaries and eventually turn to the youth. Marondera should be a poverty free community and I will do everything to achieve that. As city fathers it is our responsibility to work hand in hand with members of the community to ensure that empowering people is the order of the day.”

Beneficiaries of the project expressed their gratitude:

“Following the initiative by the mayor, we felt confident and assured that soon cash problems would be a thing of the past. When the initiative has mushroomed to district level, it would help create massive employment and remove violence from our community. This is a noble idea,” said Loren Mutizwa and Phibie Madziwa from Cherutombo.

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