MDC rejects Human Rights and Electoral Amendment bills

The MDC National Executive Committee met today in Harare, to discuss various pertinent issues affecting the party and the people of Zimbabwe. The National Executive has condemned in the strongest terms, the continued the state sponsored violence that has taken precedence in our societies.

In particular, the funding and use of violence by Chipangano, a terrorist group in Mbare, Harare, must stop. Police must act professionally and fulfil their constitutional mandate. In most rural areas, night vigils are being held which are characterised by rapes, intimidation and violence. The police are aware of these activities but they turn a blind eye on these criminal activities.

Churches have ceased to be a place of worship and spiritual solitude but have become havens of political patronage and violence. The Anglican Church community has, since 2007, been traumatised as the police and Zanu PF side with a group loyal to renegade Bishop Nolbert Kunonga to destabilise parishes and ordinary people.

Zimbabweans yearn for their freedom and dignity. As such the National Executive Committee expressed its displeasure with the current form of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Bill and the Electoral Amendment Bill because they seek to curtail, not to extend, the people’s freedoms.

The MDC in parliament will exercise its power to redress these Bills before they are enacted into law to enable an environment of tolerance, sensitivity and peace. Such an environment will facilitate for the holding of free, fair and credible elections. For that to happen, as the MDC we demand the conclusion in the Constitution making process and the implementation of necessary steps as agreed by the election roadmap before the next election is held.

We urge Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party to implement the remaining outstanding issues in the Global Political Agreement (GPA) and to ensure the roadmap is followed to its finality.

The National Executive Committee congratulated Zambia’s former president Rupiah Banda for demonstrating political maturity and accepting his loss in the recent elections before he facilitated a smooth power transfer.

The MDC hopes Robert Mugabe would follow such a commendable example and accept that there is life after his impending defeat. The party noted with pleasure a successful 12th anniversary celebration it held on 10 September 2011 at Gwanzura Stadium, Harare. Similar rallies well attended rallies are taking place in all the provinces, districts and wards, reaffirming the political supremacy of the party.

The National Executive Committee therefore resolved to embark on an aggressive voter registration campaign to ensure that the people, who are constantly and undeniably supporting the cause of real change, exercise their right and be heard in the next election.

As MDC, we demand that the people of Zimbabwe in the Diaspora be allowed to vote as it is their democratic right to do so. Our mandate in the inclusive government was to ensure that the economy is revived; that food is on the table; that basic services like health, transport and education are resuscitated. That we have done.

The National Executive Committee shall, as soon as possible, launch a campaign for jobs, investment and upliftment of the generality of Zimbabwe so that everyone has a stake in the development of this country.

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