Mixed messages for NGOs

While Zanu (PF) is trying to discourage the operations of Non Governmental Organisations in the country, traditional leaders are continuously appealing to them for help to build decent houses for people living in rural areas.

Speaking on the sidelines of a Manicaland Provincial Development Roadmap meeting in the city last week, the chiefs said the previous Zanu (PF) government had neglected them. They claimed that the government had promised to provide them with housing, but they were still living in poverty.

"They should provide clean water in wells and build a Blair toilet for each household," said Chief Katerere of Nyanga.

He said there were a lot of rural housing funds established by NGOs, but Zanu (PF) had been blocking access to the initiatives.

"There are some donor agencies who want to build small bridges free of charge for rural communities and dispensaries in villages to give out medicines, but due to political pressure, the NGOs have withdrawn their services,” he said.

Chief Musikavanhu from Chipinge said there was hope that the inclusive government would continue to bring change to the villages.

“The inclusive government has brought about big changes in the communities. I hope that authorities will build houses for teachers as part of the project and schools would repay the loans. We want community centres with banking halls, postal offices and other social amenities, this is a new Zimbabwe that we all cherish and we should move with the times,” he said.

The inclusive government, Musikavanhu said, should encourage the private sector to put up shops, clinics, police stations, bakeries and groceries in rural areas.

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