Public hearing meeting disrupted in Bulawayo

ZANU PF supporters in Bulawayo forced the abandonment of a public hearing meeting on the Electoral Amendment Bill, simply because one contributor used the Shona language to address the gathering.

Our correspondent Lionel Saungweme told us the ‘disruptive’ ZANU PF crowd was against the use of Shona, insisting that the unidentified man should use either Ndebele or English during the meeting.

Douglas Mwonzora, the chairman of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs, told the meeting that people were free to use any language to put across their views.

‘The ZANU PF crowd remained adamant that only Ndebele or English should be used in the meeting, while Mwonzora stood his ground that anyone can address the meeting in a language they are comfortable with.

‘Tempers flared when ZANU PF activists kept heckling the man, forcing Mwonzora to call off the meeting to avert crowd trouble,’ Saungweme said, adding that all this was happening in the presence of uniformed police details who took no action to prevent the disturbances.

Saungweme said it was just a ploy by the ZANU PF activists to disrupt the meeting using the tribal card, as Shona is widely used in Bulawayo even though the Ndebele language is the most dominant.

According to our correspondent, Mwonzora then asked the people to submit their views in writing. To Mwonzora’s horror, the written submissions were then grabbed from a parliamentary official, never to be seen again.

Outside the venue Saungweme said ZANU PF youths attacked ZAPU FP member Sikhumbuzo Dube, while Tsepiso Mpofu, the MDC-T deputy provincial organizer, was also assaulted. – SW Radio Africa News

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