SA police exploit Zimbos

Zimbabweans who regularised their stay in South Africa are discovering that valid documents will not protect them from police harassment.

Affected nationals reported that unscrupulous police officers were threatening them with deportation and attempting to charge them with trumped up claims of loitering and drunkenness, which incur a fine of R300 or the whole weekend in prison.

“On Friday evening I was in Hillbrow and met police officers doing random patrols. They asked me to produce my papers, which I did. When they discovered I was legally in the country they falsely accused me of loitering and ordered me into the back of their van. Because I could not manage to raise the fine they required to free myself, I spent the weekend in jail and was only released on Monday,” said Nqobile Dube, a Zimbabwean who is employed as a builder in a South African firm.

The mainstream MDC here said it was aware of such misconduct by police.

“Some of the police are after bribes and we will expose them for that if they continue to harass people with proper documents just because they are Zimbabweans,” Alice Mhlanga, Secretary for Information and Publicity stated.

Johannesburg police rejected the allegations they were targeting Zimbabweans, saying they had embarked on an operation to curb crime in the inner city.

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