Soil poachers threaten environment

Soil poachers here have turned their attention to government-acquired farms, where their operations are putting the environment under serious threat.

The effects of soil poaching on the environment are great.
The effects of soil poaching on the environment are great.

The poachers have been using heavy duty diggers to steal the soil, with many local people losing their farming land in the process.

“As you can see, farming land has been removed and the fields turned into a huge pit. Some 20 families have lost farm land to the soil poachers. Our major worry is that the illegal soil poaching is going on so close to the local school and children are struggling to concentrate in class because of the noise,” said a teacher from Inyagui

Primary School.

A bush road used by school children on their way from Rusike and Dombotombo

through Danrose Estate has been destroyed by the poachers and farming land near by looks more like a dam.

A road leading to a tourist attraction, Zambezi Lodges, has been badly affected by the heavy duty vehicles used by the poachers, compromising the operations of the resort.

“These illegal activities are harming the environment and they constitute a criminal offence punishable by law,” said officials at the Provincial Environmental

Management Agency.

Efforts to get comment from the EMA official stationed at Inyagui Depot, Mukosa,

were fruitless.

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