Spiritual dryness

God loves it when we seek Him and He often hides Himself in order to arouse our curiosity and desire for Him. He is never far from us, however, and a search for the living God is always richly rewarded.

In these periods of apparent silence from God it is not necessary that we strive and strain to discover His secret hiding place. It is more of a humble, lovingly impatient wait for our Beloved to return. By this approach God sees that it is Him alone that we love and not just the effort of the pursuit.

When you feel that God cannot be found, your only refuge is in persistent prayer. It may seem as though you do nothing but sit and wait for a deeper sense of His presence, but be content in this. Prayer is powerful and it moves the heart of God, obliging Him to return more than anything. – Adapted from Madame Jeanne Guyon’s writings from the 17th Century.

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