Tennis boss under pressure

Midlands Tennis Board (MTB) Chairman Andrew Nyakotyo is under pressure from stakeholders who want him give up his post. The stakeholders, mainly the tennis coaches in the province, allege that Nyakotyo has failed in his role – citing misappropriation of resources among other issues.

Two months ago, elections to choose a new committee failed to take place after the coaches boycotted the event, which was scheduled to be presided over by Tennis Zimbabwe national leadership.

On October 3, the province again failed to hold its annual general meeting amid revelations that Nyakotyo had refused to let a Tennis Zimbabwe national member chair the indaba in which a vote of no confidence on him had been planned.

The coaches have since formed a splinter group called Midlands Tennis Coaches Association which is refusing to take orders from the broader MTB.

Contacted for comment, Nyakotyo said: "Well there are few things that we need to address first and the AGM could not have taken place before that is done that is why we postponed it," he said.

"There are people who are making a lot of noise outside legal frameworks and we cannot listen to them."

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