UK nurse and husband seize Zimbabwe farm

A Zimbabwean nurse registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council in the United Kingdom is at the centre of a political storm after she and her husband were named in the seizure of a white owned farm in Chegutu.

Zanu PF militants like this are normally used to intimidate white farmers off their land Zanu PF militants like this are normally used to intimidate white farmers off their land Irene Zhanda who is reported to have worked for a West London hospital for over 5 years and her husband Hudson Zhanda are behind an eviction notice to Beatrice commercial farmer Wayne Greaves and his 84 workers. The farmer was told to leave the property by the end of the week.

Wayne Greaves and his staff are in the process of moving their belongings off Enondo B farm, after the eviction papers were served by a sheriff of the court last Friday. That same court sheriff warned that he would return this week and anyone left on the property would be arrested.

An ‘offer’ letter for the farm was first served on Greaves in February. The offer letter was in two names, Hudson Zhanda and his wife Irene Zhanda. At the time Greaves went to see the Governor in Marondera and explained that he had already given up two farms 2002, leaving him with Enondo B, where he was allowed to continue farming.

According to John Worsley-Worswick from Justice for Agriculture (JAG), this formal agreement was then set aside to allow the offer letter holder, Zhanda, to take over part of the land.

But this has since changed with Zhanda dragging Greaves to court in order to take over the whole property. The case was heard and letters of support for Greaves were all submitted, including letters from the Governor, the Provincial Administrator, the War Veterans’ Association Chairman and the chief lands officer.

In the hearing, the Judge also suggested that a letter of support would also be needed from the Minister of Lands. A letter was then duly written by Minister Herbert Murerwa agreeing with the Governor’s recommendation, which was subsequently submitted.

But despite these letters of support, the Supreme Court has now backed Zhanda. JAG’s Worsley-Worswick told SW Radio Africa that Supreme Court Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku last week signed the eviction notices for Greaves and his staff.

“We are pretty horrified. This is the first time that a Judge has signed eviction notices individually for workers. Wayne’s concerns are all about the welfare of his workers, because what do they do now?” Worsley-Worswick said.

An appeal is now being voiced for support for Greaves, his 84 farm labourers and their extended families, a total of more than 450 people, set to lose everything. – Nehanda SW Radio Africa

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