Unity for positive change: Miracle Missions

Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans is the theme for Miracle Missions, a non-profit church organization that networks groups around the country that are working for a worthy cause.

Last week 52 organizations met in Harare and discussed the welfare of prisoners and several networking meetings were chaired for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and the community at large.

In an interview, Jacqueline Anderson of Miracle Missions said that Zimbabweans must take responsibility and ask what they can do for the country.

“We network people together to help them do what they do best. We find areas where we can link people and help them move forward,” said Anderson.

She added that it was time for people to start working together in order to rebuild the nation in a practical way.

“We are involved in rebuilding Zimbabwe from a grassroots level and one of our values is making Zimbabweans work for Zimbabwe.”

Presently Miracle Missions is working with 174 orphanages and has already transformed the lives of the young people.

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