Vigil’s celebrates 9th Anniversary

The Vigil is glad to tell you that Vigil supporter Shamiso Kofi was not deported to Zimbabwe as planned on Tuesday night. After a harrowing experience, Shamiso was taken off the Kenyan Airways flight from Heathrow with her three escorts and returned to Yarl’s Wood detention centre.

Shamiso has given us full details of what happened but, for her sake, we are withholding further information at the moment while she takes legal advice. There are some serious issues involved.

We say again, as we observed our ninth anniversary protesting outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, that we do not believe the time is opportune to return failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers. Every day brings more reports of violence in Zimbabwe and the continuing refusal of the authorities to respect the rule of law. We suggest that the Home Office takes a look at what the Foreign Office is saying in their travel advisory about Zimbabwe . . .

We marked our anniversary with Vigil management team member Fungayi Mabhunu, wearing our Mugabe mask, standing at the front desk with wife Grace (played by Josephine Zhuga). Mugabe was holding the following petition:

Petition to the Unfair World

The oppressed people of Zimbabwe demand an end to the illegal and unfair sanctions against me and my Zanu PF cronies.

• We have redistributed farms to deserving nearest and dearest

• We have transferred businesses to indigenous ministers

• Our security forces make sure there are no London-type riots

• We have cleared slums by pulling down houses

• We have liberated our diamonds

• We have nationalized the Anglican Church


Mugabe had managed to get signatures from Gaddafi (Libya), Gbagbo (Ivory Coast), Mubarak (Egypt), Ben Ali (Tunisia), Assad (Syria), Saleh (Yemen) and Mutharika (Malawi).

Mugabe also promenaded around the Vigil with the following placards:

• Mugabe (estimated wealth $1 billion) supports the right of excommunicated Bishop Kunonga to seize Anglican churches

• Mugabe says no to Western human rights: yes to murder, rape and torture

• Mugabe scorns British aid: says starvation a product of neo-colonialism

• Mugabe (16 farms) supports the right of West London nurse Irene Zhanda to seize a farm in Zimbabwe

We are trying to track down nurse Irene Zhanda who is reportedly behind the eviction of Beatrice farmer Wayne Greaves and 84 farm workers and their families. If anyone has information about this woman, who is believed to live and work in the UK, please contact us.

FOR THE RECORD: 98 signed the register.

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