War Vets fed up

War veterans here have declared that Zanu (PF) will not win next year’s elections in Manicaland province because the party has failed to fulfil its promises and has neglected them.

Irate war veterans have vowed not to take part in party meetings organised by senior officials to canvass for support.

“The party has used us for a long time and we cannot tolerate this abuse anymore. We are genuine war veterans who were on the war front, but we are living in abject poverty. We have nothing to show for liberating Zimbabwe,” said a war veteran who identified himself as Leftback Matengambiri.

The former freedom fighters said the party had neglected its founding principles.

“There is a lot of corruption and greediness in the party and nothing is being done to stop this rot. They want to use us in the rallies and to vote for them. We can’t attend their meetings while our children are out of school with nothing to eat. Do we eat propaganda?” asked another war veteran who declined to be named.

Another war veteran said the party has been hijacked by thieves and crooks who were bent on lining their pockets. Most war veterans expressed their displeasure over the lack of sincerity by President Robert Mugabe whom they accused of empowering his few close allies while neglecting them.

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