What is truth?

Jesus said, 'Everyone that is of the truth hears My Voice.' Pilate answered, 'What is truth?' (John 18:37pp).

We are often unprepared for Truth, which is why Truth is revealed to us progressively. We must "grow up into Him" – we could not handle it otherwise. Even the little bit of Truth which is revealed to us often upsets us at our deepest foundations. We must be willing to live with the uncertainty and pain which Truth brings.

Here is another point at which many people turn back. People prefer ignorant bliss to uncomfortable Truth. Now that they have been given the Truth, it is too painful or inconvenient to deal with. They either fall back into their former ignorance or they rationalize or dilute the Truth until it is no longer Truth. They turn it into something which is more palatable and easily digested.

But if we accept the Truth, and totally give ourselves to it, it will begin to change us. We will begin to be conformed to it, and it will become less painful. I am convinced that if we refuse to accept the Truth we have been given then we will eventually lose it.

Jesus concludes His parable of the talents by saying, "The one that has will have more added to him, and the one who does not have will have what little he has taken away." The one who buries the Truth in the ground for safekeeping will lose it, while the one who does something with the Truth will receive more Truth.

This is why some grow spiritually and some do not. Even though they may acknowledge the same Truth, they may not be willing to accept the consequences of being transformed by that Truth, thus what little they have soon becomes dead manna.

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