World ignores Zimbabwe: Vigil

The Zimbabwean diaspora in the UK is growing increasingly anxious at signs that the Home Office is stepping up efforts to deport Zimbabweans on the grounds that conditions at home have improved.

It was suggested some time ago that the UK government was ending its moratorium on sending home failed asylum seekers. But the Vigil has seen little hard evidence of this. Our sources say that action so far is being targeted at people who arrived with dodgy papers.

One of the Vigil’s regular supporters Shamiso Kofi has been detained and told a ticket to Nairobi has been booked for her on Kenyan Airways on 4th October. We are puzzled that she has no onward ticket to Zimbabwe.

At the Vigil today, we ran a petition on her behalf to the UK Border Agency, part of the Home Office.

Shamiso told us over the phone that there are at least four other Zimbabweans being held at the same Immigration Removal Centre (Yarl’s Wood). We are reliably informed that one Zimbabwean has already been forcibly removed to Zimbabwe and attempts have been made recently to deport others.

Ironically, the new threat to send back Zimbabweans comes as the International Bar Association has issued a report speaking of a resurgence of violence in Zimbabwe. The accuracy of this report was confirmed by a senior Zimbabwean NGO official at a meeting in London with Vigil management team members. ‘Don’t let people tell you that things are alright’, he said.

The true intentions behind the indigenisation programme were exposed in a report on SW Radio Africa that Saviour Kasukuwere and some other ministers were to be given shares in Zimplats (Mining firms ordered to transfer shares next month –

The Vigil celebrates its 9th anniversary next week, come and join us. We have a little surprise planned.

FOR THE RECORD: 72 signed the register.

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