Zanu (PF) reintroduces youth pgm

Zanu (PF) has already started preparing for elections by re-establishing the disbanded National Youth Training Service without the approval of Cabinet, allegedly using money from mining activities to fund it.

Teresa Makone
Teresa Makone

Well-placed sources say the former ruling party has resuscitated youth training centres in Masvingo, Manicaland and Mashonaland provinces, and Zanu (PF) youths are reporting for military drills.

The MDC-T Youth Assembly has said this is a direct insult to the people of Zimbabwe as Zanu (PF) has yet again contravened the Global Political Agreement.

In an interview the assembly’s president, Solomon Madzore, said the youth training service could only be returned if there was an act of Parliament giving a new curriculum and removing Zanu (PF)’s grip on the programme and trainees.

NYT graduates, known as Green Bombers, became notorious for their dastardly acts during previous polls. They operate as paramilitary Zanu (PF) machinery and are the party’s terror troopers, responsible for torture, murder, theft and rape on a large scale all across the country.

Madzore said the prevailing situation was fragile as true national healing had failed to take off resulting in a polarized society failing to deal with the past and find reconciliation.

“There is need for a new curriculum that involves every Zimbabwean. It is important to know who will be in charge of the youth service and also who is going to manage its operations,” said Madzore.

The GPA provides for the creation of a non-partisan National Youth Service. Article 15.1 (a) of the Agreement says all youths regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion and political affiliation are eligible to participate in it.

But Madzore said that is not likely to be the case as Zanu (PF) would continue “brainwashing trainees as the curriculum is still the old one that created merchants of terror”.

“We are not against the idea of a national youth service but there are so many differences and even in the government there is polarization. There is need for cohesion first before we set up the service,” he said.

Co-Minister of Home Affairs Teresa Makone recently told MDC supporters in the populous town of Chitungwiza that the country is broke, not because it does not have resources but because Zanu (PF), which has control of the lucrative Ministry of Mines, is channelling the money towards its survival programmes such as training youths.

“Zanu (PF) is looting our resources in order to sustain its programmes. Over the years Zanu (PF) has been looting resources. But only a few benefit – that is why you see war veterans clamouring for more every day,” said Makone.

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