Zanu PF’s intransigence affecting government operations

Prune minister, morgan Tsvangirai has said the inclusive government could have achieved more had it not been of Zanu PF’s intransigence and explained that the next elections should define the winner and should ensure transfer of power to the legitimate candidate.

Morgan Tsvangirai
Morgan Tsvangirai

Addressing thousands at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera on Sunday, President Tsvangirai said the inclusive government could have achieved much more than what the people are seeing had it not been for Zanu PF’s continued withdrawal syndrome.

“The inclusive government, having achieved economic stability, service delivery and some reforms, has stopped operating. We have stopped because Zanu PF is refusing to go any further so some of the agreements cannot be fulfilled because Zanu PF has realised that every clause of the agreement they fulfil will mean an end for them,” he said.

He said what has destroyed Zimbabwe was that Zanu PF was not willing to look forward for the development of the country, but are rather focused on the past glories.

“There is no vision for the past, but vision is for the future. You cannot have a party with a vision of the past. The challenges we have are huge to have people who are past – focused. We need people with the right wisdom to take this country forward,” Tsvangirai said.

President Tsvangirai said the next election to be held in Zimbabwe will be a watershed election likening it to the 1980 election which ended minority rule.

“I am very serious about elections and the coming elections are like the 1980 elections that were held to change the government. They are watershed elections,” he said.

“When you look inside your homes and you have your educated children who are dependent on you, you will vote for change. We do not force people to vote for us, but people vote MDC for change. They want to see a difference in their homes. They want jobs for their children. They want food on their tables, they want peace in their communities,” said Tsvangirai.

He castigated the use of violence as a tool to intimidate people and cow them into voting for Zanu PF and said the people have a right to choose the leaders they want without fear of victimisation.

Turning to the province of Mashonaland East, Tsvangirai said the people are yet to be freed from oppression, under development and violence.

“The underlying problem in Mashonaland East is that people won independence in 1980, but have no freedom at all. You are still under the yoke of oppression. There is no development in your province. I was told that the pipeline at Wenimbe Dam has not been laid since 1993 when it should have been laid, but it is only being done now. Why?”

He said the water treatment plant in Marondera needed to be re-constructed and expanded to cater for the town’s growing population.

“There is need to build another purification plant so that we expand the plant to ensure clean water. In the current budget, we must make sure that Marondera water challenges are solved.I am told the pipes could only cater for 20 000 people but the population is now around 50 000. We need to construct and ensure the pipes we lay now should cater for 100 000 people. We must consider the future expansion of the town as a planning process,” he said.

He said the Wenimbe Dam project would bring much relief to the cash-strapped council. Water from traditional supply dams, Rufaro, Nyambuya and Nyakambiri were sewer clogged. This necessitated in the use of expensive seven different chemicals to make the water usable forconsumer and industrial purposes.

Tsvangirai said there was need to translate some of the plans into reality to ensure that development is not on paper but on the ground.

Morgen Komichi said the people should salute their own leader to show their loyalty, respect, discipline, love and unity towards the fight for real change in Zimbabwe.

“The MDC is a brand that we must take care. Our Party is a brand that we need to protect. We can only do so when we have love. When we are loyal to the leadership and the values of the party, it becomes easy to make commitment to the struggle. When we are united, we can make Zimbabwe work again,” he said.

The Women Assembly chairperson, Theresa Makone said the women have had enough of Zanu PF’s brutality and intimidation to sit down and not act.

“Women have chosen not to be intimidated by Zanu PF violence. Women have been widowed, their homes destroyed. Zanu PF has thugs who abuse women, but as women, we are saying enough is enough. In the next elections, women even those from Zanu PF, are going to vote for President Tsvangirai because since he became prime minister, they saw food on the table, medication in the hospitals and books in the schools,” she said.

“The MDC is the party of today and the party of the future. Zanu PF is the party of the past and yesteryear”.

She said women were God – fearing people and will not be intimidated by the devil and his machinations.

The Youth Assembly secretary, Promise Mkwananzi said the police have arrested the Youth Assembly chairperson, Solomon Madzore, to weaken the youth movement but he said this has strengthened the resolve of the youth.

“Arrests and intimidation levels on the youth has risen to unprecedented levels in the country but as youth we are not intimidated by their actions. Let them throw us all in the jails and we will see where they will put us all,” he said.

He urged youth in all their numbers to register to vote and prepare to defend the people’s vote.

“We are prepared to defend the vote of the people of Zimbabwe. The youth are at the forefront of change. If you look at Zambia elections, you will realise that the involvement and support of the youth in elections will see the change Zimbabweans expect”.

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