Zanu, stop interfering: opposition

Political parties here have said Zanu (PF) should give justice a chance by not interfering with the operations of law enforcement agents.

Speaking at a debate organised by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights under the topic, ‘State of politically motivated violence and respect to human rights after GNU’ political parties said there had been an upsurge in cases of politically-motivated violence across the Manicaland province.

Mavambo/Kusile/ Dawn Coordinator, George Hukuimwe, said violence was a cancer crippling the country. He added that it was most worrying to see the incidents taking place in plain sight of law enforcement agents.

"The police know who to arrest and who to turn a blind eye on," said Hukuimwe.

Hukuimwe accused law enforcement agents of selective application of the law saying this had compromised the country’s security sector.

"Let the rule of law prevail. Let everyone be equal before the laws of our land. Let's give justice a chance and we will see the rewards,” he said.

MDC-T Manicaland spokesperson, Pishai Muchauraya, said Zimbabwe had never known democracy in true sense of the word.

"The history of human rights in post-independent Zimbabwe is punctuated by gross abuses from Gukurahundi to the March 2008 elections," said Muchauraya.

He said in Manicaland more than 50 MDC activists were murdered by known Zanu (PF) thugs who were walking free.

"This is what we call economic violence. The police have stood idle while this group rapes, maims and kills innocent people," he said.

Muchauraya said there was no political will on the part of Zanu (PF) to bring an end to the violence and bring the known perpetrators of violence to book.

MDC-N and M parties concurred that Zanu (PF) was abusing state security agents to their own political advantage.

Zanu (PF) Provincial deputy party spokesperson, Charles Samuriwo, denied that his party was fuelling violence, but acknowledged that there were some individuals who were behind this violence.

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