ZAPU castigates counterfeit regalia

Opposition party ZAPU SA has lambasted counterfeiting of its t-shirts by some unknown people in South Africa.

The original shirt in the ZAPU colours.
The original shirt in the ZAPU colours.

The party’s publicist also warned the public against being duped into buying fake party regalia and cards.

He said people were trying to bring the party’s name into disrepute and tarnish its image.

“That is not our official logo being used in those fake t-shirts. We have identified producers of our regalia who are doing it in line with our policies and principles. I am greatly disappointed that someone is trying to confuse people and line his pockets.

He is not our designated producer, but goes around making cash for himself. We strongly uphold and respect the national symbols and flag,” he added.

“We are also urging anyone interested in buying party regalia to consult our Alexandra Offices as we don’t have any street vendors,” he said.

Since its divorce from a botched unity accord with malevolent Zanu (PF) in 2008, ZAPU have been slowly reaching out to communities to build a better society.

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