Zim needs international support: Germany

Zimbabwe's political reform process needs the support of the international community, the new German envoy to the country has said.

The new German envoy, Hans-Guenter Gnodtke.
The new German envoy, Hans-Guenter Gnodtke.

Hans-Guenter Gnodtke made the statement at the celebration of the belated German National Day. He hailed the current socio-economic recovery initiatives by the inclusive government, saying that his country wished that Zimbabwe could emerge as a globally competitive economy in the near future.

He said the path to reform deserved the sympathy of the international community. Gnodtke takes over from Albrecht Conze, whose tour of duty ended three months ago. Germany marks its National day on October 3.

Gnodtke told a reception at the Meikles Hotel that he knew as soon as he arrived that he was among friends.

"The Zimbabwean flag incorporates all of our national colours: black red and yellow," Gnodtke said. "In fact, we feel a lot of sympathy for Zimbabwe, a country that has also engaged on a road towards political reform with the assistance of its regional partners and friends and the international community at large. We Germans wish our friends in Zimbabwe success."

The Ambassador toasted to a friendship between Germany and Zimbabwe.

Germany's relations with Zimbabwe have greatly improved with the provision of millions of US dollars in financial aid. The German government also lifted a travel warning to Zimbabwe, a move which is expected to see an increase in the number of German tourists visiting the country.

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