Cat saves granny’s life

A 91-year-old granny from Nechirorwe village in Bikita, is alive today thanks to the heroic actions of her cat that stopped a venomous Egyptian cobra from attacking her.

Ambuya Mercy Manduvi, who can no longer walk on her own, was sitting beneath a muhacha tree when she saw the cobra charging towards her.

“My sight is very sharp, but my limbs are heavy. I depend on my grandchildren’s generosity to carry me to bed and to relieve myself. When the one-metre long snake came charging towards me, I knew that was going to be my painful goodbye from the earth.

“I was deeply shocked that I could not cry for help, but only watched in despair as the snake came towards me. When the snake was a stone’s throw away, our cat, Rachie, appeared from nowhere and planted its claws on the neck of the snake. The snake writhed from side to side as it tried to slip away from the cat’s grip but its efforts were in vain.

“I watched the drama with alarm until suddenly the snake stretched itself straight, waiting to die. It is at that moment that the cat let go of the snake only to be bitten on the right leg. The cat mewed in pain as the poison took its effect, but in a short while the snake was dead,” said Ambuya Manduvi.

The woman is grateful to the cat for saving her life. It is unfortunate the cat died of the poison from the snake and the granny ordered its burial at their family home as a sign of respect.

“Pets are very important to us humans and we must treat them the same way we treat our own children, with care and love. Were it not for Rachie our cat, you could have come here for my funeral,” she said.

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