Chief shows Zanu loyalty

Chief Marozva this weekend addressed a Zanu (PF) gathering in Bikita West where he chanted party slogans and denounced the MDC.

Contrary to the provisions and stipulations of the GPA, which clearly indicate that traditional leaders are expected to execute their duties in a partisan and objective manner, Chief Marozva chanted revolutionary slogans and maxims at the gathering, praising President Robert Mugabe. Sources who attended the meeting said Chief Marozva forced them to go and then took centre stage in order to castigate the work of the MDC.

“Chief Marozva waved the fist and showed open allegiance to Zanu (PF). He announced that he was a Zanu (PF) member and that he would not tolerate MDC members in his area. He even denounced the Prime Minister, a direct contradiction of the letter and spirit of the GPA,” said a local teacher.

The controversial Chief has allegedly declared war on all MDC supporters in his area, in a bid to aid the Zanu (PF) cause ahead of elections.

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