Cops stop disabled demo

Police on Thursday blocked and detained a group of 50 disabled people for at least two hours in Africa Unity Square. The group was heading for President Robert Mugabe’s office to seek a meeting over what they called discrimination from getting access to national resources.

Anti-riot police stopped and surrounded the group, many of them blind or in wheelchairs, and took their placards – which read “We also need land and decent housing “, and “respect our rights because disability is not inability”.

The leader of the group, Gladys Munyukwi, told reporters before the arrest that they wanted to meet Mugabe over the continued suppression of their rights.

“We are not given the chance to meet top political leaders as we are blocked by their secretaries whenever we try to engage them,” she said.

“We want accommodation .We have had a lot of government housing initiatives which did benefited the able boded citizens. None of our members benefited from developmental programs in this country and we want that to be addressed. We are being sidelined, we are not being empowered.”

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