Disband Chipangano: PM

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has called upon President Robert Mugabe to disband his Chipangano militia, accused of violence and demanding Zanu (PF) membership cards from the public.

Morgan Tsvangirai
Morgan Tsvangirai

Tsvangirai said there was no legal basis upon which the militias were constituted. He said there was no Act of Parliament or Statutory instrument which justified their existence and operations.

He spoke as the Harare mayor Muchadeyi Masunda announced that $5million worth of projects meant to rehabilitate the Matapi Flats under the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation were being moved to another Harare surburb after the project was stonewalled by the militia. Chipangano said the project would give the MDC glory ahead of crucial elections.

On Sunday the militia was bussed in to disrupt an MDC rally in Chitungwiza.

"It is sad that the Zanu (PF) government has come up with an unlawful programme whose sole aim is to perpetrate violence sanctioned by the State," said Tsvangirai.

The Mbare-based Chipangano youth militia, together with hundreds of Zanu (PF) Youth League supporters, have embarked on an orgy of violence. Led by Zanu (PF) Youth League chairman, Jim Kunaka, and his sidekick, Onesimo Gore, they are beating up those they suspect to be members of the MDC.

The militia group has been going door-to-door in Mbare demanding Zanu (PF) membership cards. The youths also mount illegal roadblocks where they force the public to buy Zanu (PF) cards before letting them through.

"We as the MDC wish to unequivocally state that we will never force people to produce MDC cards now or in the future. We wish to make it clear that it is the democratic right of all Zimbabweans to belong to any political party of their choice."

Tsvangirai called on the SADC heads of state and the international community to tell Mugabe to stop running torture bases throughout the country. He said the MDC mourned all victims of political violence, murder, torture and rape at the hands of the "outgoing Zanu (PF) government".

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