EXPOSED: MLF links to Zanu (PF)

Disgruntled members of the secessionist Mthwakazi Liberation Front have revealed a plot by top Zanu (PF) officials to split the vote in Matabeleland. Highly placed sources have named two members of the Politburo and a member of the Joint Operations Command (JOC) as being in constant contact with them as well as funding their operations.

MLF leader Fidelis Ncube (aka General Nandinandi).
MLF leader Fidelis Ncube (aka General Nandinandi).

The MDC led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai enjoys popular support in both Matabeleland provinces.

“On June 10, a night before the SADC Summit held in Sandton, one Politburo member held a braai with the MLF leadership in Johannesburg. At this encounter a number of issues were discussed, including funding for the group and the programme for the following day, where we were told to disrupt SADC proceedings,” said the sources.

The result of this meeting was that the party immediately received funding for its operations and office rent. The source on condition of anonymity, saying he wanted people to aware that Zanu (PF) was the hidden hand pulling the strings of the MLF.

Efforts to contact the Politburo member from Matabeleland were unsuccessful.

Zanu (PF) sources confirmed that he had assured the party that he would neutralize the massive support for Tsvangirai in the province.

He said his goal was to confuse the people of Matabeleland and the mission was code named “Matabeleland political game plan".

MLF leader Fidelis Ncube (aka General Nandinandi) is reported to have close links to the top brass in the Zimbabwe National Army.

Bulawayo citizens are closely following events and some have urged fellow citizens not to fall into Zanu (PF)’s trap. “We are being deceived so that we vote for either Zapu or MDC-N and thus split the opposition vote in the province. This will be of benefit only to Zanu (PF). People must be aware of this,” said Martha Mombe a victim of Green Bombers torture.

Zanu (PF) regards the MLF as harmless for as long as it is unable to attract significant. The group recently failed to raise bail money for members who had been arrested on treason charges.

The source said the group had been dismissed as "a horde of hungry, angry and uneducated midgets incapable of any major upsets on the political arena" and were vulnerable to manipulation by those with superior intellect and resources.

It was considered wise to let them continue fanning tribal hatred in Matabeleland as this would damage their biggest rivals, the MDC-T, more than Zanu (PF) "which in any case had very little to lose" in Matabeleland, where it won hardly any seats in 2008.

The MLF continues to follow Zanu (PF)’s lead, constantly vilifying MDC-T members in Johannesburg. The post invective on Facebook – declaring the MDC-T their biggest enemy, even ahead of Zanu (PF) which masterminded the massacre of over 20 000 people in Matabeleland and Midlands in the 1980s.

Recently they attacked former NCA National Vice Chairman George Mkhwanazi for joining the MDC.

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