Fares hiked as rain soaks commuters

Commuter omnibus operators hiked fares recently, as Harare experienced the first rains, leaving commuters soaked and stranded.

Commuters accuse kombis of “daylight robbery”
Commuters accuse kombis of “daylight robbery”

“This is the problem with these commuter omnibus operators. They take advantage of us. What justification is there to hike fares? The rains?” said a disgruntled Chitungwiza commuter, Sandra Mutopo.

A trip to Chitungwiza was doubled to $2,00 up from the $1,00 that is normally charged during peak hours. Buses that would normally charge $0.50 charged $1,00.

“These kombis belong to policemen so they are actually happy that they are reaping huge profits. Instead of protecting commuters, they are corrupt and effect such fares to enrich their pockets,” said Sandra.

Another commuter, Jeffrey Chibandu, said he was not happy with how commuter bus operators fleeced commuters of their hard-earned cash.

“There is need for Zimbabweans to unite and boycott these kombis. They cannot just hike fares without justification. The police are not reliable anymore as law enforcement agents, so boycotting is the answer,” said Chibandu.

“It takes a civil servant more than a year to get a pay rise, yet these unscrupulous commuter operators hike fares without valid reasons and get away with it,” he said.

Auxilia Zulu (69) from Mutoko said she had lost faith in how the kombi people operate.

“The last time I was here, my bus fare could not take me to Norton where my son resides. The fortunate thing is that I had a phone on me and communicated with him to pick me up,” said Gogo Zulu.

“Drivers and their conductors do not even understand that we are all suffering and do not have money. They are always saying the boss this, the boss that – yet practicing daylight robbery,” said Gogo Zulu.

Efforts to get a comment from police spokesperson Inspector James Sabau were fruitless as he said he was off duty. He referred all questions to Inspector Dube whose mobile number went unanswered.

Police officers have in the past been cited as the owners of most kombis in the capital where they enjoy ‘certain benefits’ on the roads.

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