Farmers move into maize milling

Brothers, Taitus, Tinashe and Tonderai Gede’s income generating projects have gone from strength to strength thanks to their recent purchase of a maize milling machine.

The Gede brothers with their maize milling machine.
The Gede brothers with their maize milling machine.

Until recently, the brothers only grew vegetables, but with the proceeds from their farming activities, they have started to process their own maize.

“We decided to diversify into ventures which would directly benefit the community while making additional profits for ourselves. Naturally, the milling project topped

our priority list as Chizanga Business Centre offers no such services. We went on to purchase the diesel grinding mill engine at over $800. All the components cost over $2 000,” said Tinashe.

The brothers chose a diesel machine due to the lack of reliable electricity to the area. Before the Gede brothers introduced the milling machine to the centre, villagers had been travelling eight km to the nearest grinding mill at Casino Business Centre.

“While one of us operates the grinding mill others work on the garden vegetable project. We have continued to grow vegetables such as rape, covo, peas, carrots and tomatoes for commercial purposes. We also grow maize for both commercial and family needs,” said Tinashe.

He said that given the current high profit margins at the grinding mill, they expected to buy another grinding mill soon to ease the pressure.

Villagers commended the Gede brothers for introducing a reliable grinding mill to the village shopping Centre.

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