Fight back: MDC Chairman under fire

Non-violence has long been a tenet of the MDC-T, but MDC Chairman Lovemore Moyo, who is also speaker of Parliament, has come under fire for telling party supporters in a weekend rally that they should fight back if they are violently attacked.

Lovemore Moyo
Lovemore Moyo

Moyo told supporters it was their constitutional right to respond to assaults. Last week the chairman of President Robert Mugabe's Zanu (PF), Simon Khaya Moyo, also took heat when he told supporters they should retaliate if they are attacked.

The statements come during a period of mounting tension and violence considered to be driven by expectations the country will hold national elections next year, and follow declarations by the parties in the national unity government urging their followers not to engage in political violence.

Lovemore Moyo said that while MDC supporters would not be the first to cast a stone, they would no longer be passive if they were attacked.

"It is important that we tell our people the truth, and the truth is that you cannot always be on the receiving end. Political contestation means power, and therefore we need to make sure as a party we prepare our members," Moyo said.

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