Global Round up

Funds cut

The United States government will cut funding to the education and science agency UNESCO after it voted to accept Palestine’s bid for membership. A spokeswoman said it undermined peace in the Middle East.

Drug warning

Online hackers known for targeting banks and government bodies have issued a warning to Mexican drug cartels. A video from a hacker group, Anonymous, said it could publish details of those supporting the criminal gangs.

Royal-size change

A centuries-old law which assured the oldest son of a British monarch ascended the throne has been amended to give the oldest child the privilege. As part of the overhaul, the monarch will be allowed to marry a Catholic.

Poet to president

Ireland has elected a new president. Former poet and government minister, Michael D Higgins, an elder statesman of the Labour Party, won last Saturday’s election. He will be inaugurated on November 11.

Qantas grounded

Industrial action threw Australian airports into chaos last weekend when national carrier Qantas grounded its fleet worldwide in response to strikes by its workforce. A court ordered flights to resume on Monday, inconveniencing 60,000 travellers.

Disease threat

As floods continue to bring parts of Thailand to a halt, warnings have been issued about the potential for disease. Unicef has provided 20,000 mosquito nets and information about sanitation during a disaster.

Bombs found

Libya’s new government has located chemical weapons. Authorities made the discovery of mustard gas about a month ago in two locations and international bodies were called in to secure the sites.

Trial delayed

The trial of deposed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has been delayed by up to two months while legal argument rages as to whether to replace the judge. Protesters fear the current judge is not strong enough for the case.

Snowed in

A freak, unseasonal snow storm has caused havoc in north-eastern USA. The poor conditions halted flights and left four million people without power. Five deaths have been blamed on the storms.

Rights fight

The British government has been accused of bullying for threatening to cut aid to countries which outlaw homosexuality. A spokesman for the Ugandan president said the UK has a “bullying mentality” and treated them like children.

Big seven

Seven billion people now call planet earth home, according to estimates. Child rights group Plan International symbolically picked Indian baby Nargis, born on Sunday night, as the record-breaker.

Coach departs

Rugby World Cup-winning coach Graham Henry has quit the post after eight years and last month guiding his New Zealand team to victory over France. The 65-year-old said while it’s been an honour he has “had enough”.

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