Govt won’t back down on farms: Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe has said he will not back down on the government’s plans to nationalize foreign-owned farms, despite international condemnation of the seizures.


Mugabe said he would not be deterred, even if Britain "and its friends piled pressure through their economies," he told chiefs and governors.

Mugabe was speaking hardly a week after regional mediators ended talks aimed at salvaging a power-sharing deal that calls for restoration of the rule of law and an end to political violence around Zimbabwe.

The new foreign firm expropriation policy comes amid fresh reports that Zimbabwe's farming districts are once again in chaos after Zanu (PF) militants began occupations of the remaining white-owned farms, demanding they be redistributed to landless blacks.

The government is completing its plan to seize 5,000 farms without paying compensation.

Commercial Farmers Union president, Charles Taffs, said: "It is with dismay, but not unexpected, that the persecution and attacks on our members continues and indeed in recent days has increased despite our continued calls to the government for immediate relief.”

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