Gwisai case near collapse after ‘star’ witness ‘caught in lies’

The state case against former MDC-T legislator Munyaradzi Gwisai is on the verge of collapse after the ‘star’ witness has been caught in a web of lies.

Munyaradzi Gwisai
Munyaradzi Gwisai

Gwisai’s defence team led by Alec Muchadehama has uncovered major holes in the credibility of ‘Jonathan Shoko’ the ‘detective police officer,’ who has been exposed as a CIO agent. Shoko’s real name is Rodwell Chitiyo.

The former MDC-T legislator for Highfields is being accused of plotting against the government. He is jointly charged with Antoneta Choto, Tatenda Mombeyarara, Edson Chakuma, Hopewell Gumbo and Welcome Zimuto.

The group was arrested in February after watching videos of the Arab spring uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. They were initially charged with treason and plotting to overthrow Robert Mugabe but that was downgraded to ‘conspiracy to commit public violence’.

In February Shoko had infiltrated the meeting attended by the civic and human rights activists. But infiltration is the job of the intelligence services, not the police and he supplied all the information that led to the arrest of the group.

Under oath Shoko told the court he is a police sergeant, while irrefutable documentation produced by the defence team in court on Monday exposed him as CIO and that he was testifying falsely.

The evidence by the defence team tracked the past of Rodwell aka Jonathan to his secondary school education at St Faith Boys High in Rusape to Midlands State University, where he did a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communication from 2001 – 2004. They also followed his working career.

They also showed that the police identity number he produced in court, 046330P is fake, and does not exist.

He also had a fake national ID number; 63-752351-T-47 when in actual fact his genuine ID number is 75-345235-T-47, with date of birth given as 13/08/1982. This is the date of birth Shoko gave in court and is the same for Rodwell Chitiyo.

The CIO agent also lied about his residential address, which he gave as 86 Chiremba in Queensdale. Investigations by the defence team have revealed he has never lived at the house and they are seeking more answers as to who printed the fake police ID.

The social networking site Facebook also gave away Shoko. There is a profile photo of him under the name Rodwell Chitiyo. His girlfriend, Ester Marufu, wrote on her profile that she is in a relationship with Chitiyo and the two have a young child called Courtney, a fact Shoko did not dispute in court on Monday. Marufu is a first year student at Chinhoyi University.

‘If Shoko is not disputing the fact he fathered a child with Marufu, then its case closed for the defence. It is indisputable that Shoko is Chitiyo and has lied under oath and could find himself in serious trouble for committing perjury, for wilfully telling an untruth in a court,’ a source close to case said on Tuesday.

The source continued: ‘This star witness has made too many conflicting statements. By exposing his conflicting statements, the defence has reduced his credibility. Since the trial opened this man, Shoko or Chitiyo, has repeatedly lied and you could tell the magistrate knew because he ended up laughing at some of his inconsistent answers.’

There only two more state witnesses, both police officers. They will take the stand on 29th November. – SW Radio Africa

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