I should have beaten up cops: Jack

If he had known that his captors in police uniform were Zanu (PF) law enforcement agents, he would have beaten them up, says the latest victim of political violence.

Kenneth Jack, victim of political violence.
Kenneth Jack, victim of political violence.

Kenneth Jack was abducted by police constabularies at Warswick Farm. They teamed up with other Zanu (PF) thugs to torture him at Inandu Torture camp on November 11, before dumping him at Casino Business Centre. They accused him of being a top MDC official in Pfungwe District.

“Police later frustrated my efforts to make a formal report at either Marondera or Casino Police stations. The Marondera Police told me to report at Casino Police Post, but they sent me back to Marondera. I shuttled between the two stations, some 30 km apart, until the MDC-T Youth Provincial officer, Jimmy Jaliff, accompanied me to

Marondera District Police Headquarters and demanded justice. A docket was finally opened after Jaliff told them they should shape up along non-partisan lines or else,” said Jack.

No arrests have been made despite him having identified the culprits to the police.

Jack is no stranger to political victimisation. His son Solomon was murdered, allegedly by suspected Zanu (PF) militia in 2008, and his wife, Chipo Hukuimwe died in 2009 from injuries sustained in savage beatings by pro-Mugabe thugs 2008 in Maramba Pfungwe. His grade seven daughter, Monica, suffers from eye problems after being sprayed with an unidentified chemical by Zanu (PF) 2008 at the family home.

Perpetrators of the violence were reportedly led by a war veteran identified as Ozwell Kasakura and Zanu (PF) ward 1 councillor, Pedzisai Makoma.

At Dormavalle Farm in 2000, Jack’s farm house was ransacked by Zanu (PF) thugs and suspected state security agents.

In 2002 Jack was attacked with an axe by Zanu (PF) militia who raided MDC party offices in Marondera.

He narrowly escaped death following food poisoning in the Macheke area, where he was deployed as an MDC-T Mobile 7 election presiding officer 2008. It was suspected that a Zanu (PF) presiding officer mixed a raspberry drink with a poisonous substance before giving it to Jack. He was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.

Local police sources commended Jaliff for standing up against selective application of justice by partisan police. “He gave the police a free lecture about their role in a democracy, and said they should become professional ahead of ‘possible fresh recruitment’ into the force in a new Zimbabwe,” said the source.

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