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Zimbabwe will soon slide back to chaos if the international community fails to intervene. Right now what I see is a case of Zanu (PF) trying to use every force available to them to suppress the will of the people ahead of elections. - Anonymous

Your paper is great. But I am appealing to you to give it a facelift as many other local publications have done. I also look forward to more stories on what happens in our communities, which is not political. Stories about theft, robberies, etc. – Thank you.

Can you please investigate the government pensions department. Many people who have died are having their pensions illegally diverted to accounts of some staff members of the SSB. If you do a thorough investigation, you will find this out. Pensioner, Harare.

Kana nyika ikaparara sezvaita Zimbabwe, anyone can do what they want with that country’s citizens. Look at South Africa, they allowed illegal Zimbabweans to stay because the country was hosting the World Cup and lots of cheap labour was needed. Right now the World Cup is over and they are chasing us out. All because of you Mugabe. I have resolved to come back home and start a new life, a life of fighting for the best out of my country. – Ndiri Musoja woye.

Give us more cartoons please. – Avid reader, Kadoma.

So, the cat is finally out of the bag. This indigenisation programme is all about fixing Zanu (PF)’s enemies. Look at how Mugabe has threatened to take over Swiss owned companies because his wife was denied a visa into that country. – Anonymous.

It seems the First Shopper is such a powerful figure. Because she could not be allowed to shop in the heart of Geneva, the President was left frothing with anger. – Anonymous.

Geneva was right, the less people travelling with the president, the less the taxpayer’s expenditure. – Tanzwa isu veduwe.

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