Jocelyn Chiwenga claims husband abused her

Jocelyn Chiwenga, estranged wife of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander General Constantine Chiwenga, has claimed her marriage involved periods of physical and emotional abuse by her husband.

Jocelyn Chiwenga
Jocelyn Chiwenga

Jocelyn told the Zimbabwe Standard newspaper on Sunday that her husband used to beat her up and then send her to Malaysia for treatment. She said he also threatened to shoot her if she ever reported the assaults to the police.

‘If anything happens to me after the publication of this story, the nation should know it came from Chiwenga,’ Jocelyn told the paper. But the fiery Jocelyn might not have many people to sympathise with her, being no stranger to controversy.

While Chiwenga has generally kept a low public profile, his wife has had several physical encounters with white farmers, journalists and the Prime Minister.

In April 2002 she reportedly showed up at a farm outside Harare with an armed gang and ordered the white owner to turn over his property to her, or he would be killed. A year later she assaulted Gugulethu Moyo, a lawyer for the then banned Daily News. Jocelyn twisted Moyo’s arm, slapped her on the face and was shouting: ‘So what if you are a lawyer? You want to encourage anarchy in this country. You want to represent our enemies.’

In 2008 she harangued and harassed Tsvangirai and journalists who had accompanied the MDC leader on a tour of supermarkets in Harare after Mugabe’s scorched earth policy of price freezes which left shop shelves empty.

She caused a scene at the Makro Wholesalers at Hillside in Harare, where she threatened to ‘take away’ Tsvangirai’s ‘manhood.’ In a fit of rage, she also slapped freelance photographer Tsvangirai Mukwazhi, while two other journalists sustained minor injuries in the ensuing fracas. – SW Radio Africa News

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