JOMIC finds funding

The Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee said it has found funding for the establishment of provincial and district political liaison officers who will monitor political violence in the country.

Patrick Chinamasa
Patrick Chinamasa

JOMIC, an organisation which was established by the coalition government to monitor implementation of the global political agreement, has been criticised for not doing anything about breaches of the pact. The Committee defends itself by saying it has no executive powers to punish the signatories responsible and passes the buck to the police for not applying the law.

In an effort to reduce political violence cases, JOIMC co-chairperson, Patrick Chinamasa, said they had secured funding for provincial and district political liaison officers.

“We are happy that funding is available for provincial and district political liaison officers who will give us actual information about what has transpired in the communities, because that is where political violence occurs. We also want to make it clear that it’s not our duty as JOMIC to arrest perpetrators of political violence. It’s the responsibility of the police. Our duty is to monitor the GPA implementation and forward our recommendations to the principals, but in the case of political violence we carry out our investigations and give them to the police who have executive powers to arrest,” Chinamasa told reporters this week.

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