Joshua Nkomo statue delayed

Uncertainty lingers over the re-erection of the late Vice-President Dr Joshua Nkomo’s statue, with the government saying it is yet to set another date for its completion.

Dr Joshua Nkomo’s statue
Dr Joshua Nkomo’s statue

Work at the site halted after the completion of the pedestal where the statue would be placed more than a month ago.

Commenting on the progress Home Affairs co-Minister Kembo Mohadi said they would make a formal announcement when work on site resumes.

He could not be drawn to disclose the reasons behind the delays on the completion of the re-erection of the statue.

Initially the deadline for the completion of the statue, located at the intersection of Main Street and 8th Avenue, was set before the Heroes Day holidays in August.

The statue was pulled down on 16 September last year, a few weeks after it was erected, after the family objected on the grounds that the statue was “pitiful” and did not depict Nkomo accurately and that they had not been involved.

The two parties resolved their differences and it was agreed that the statue would be re-erected after adjusting the size of the pedestal in August.

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