Land for Zanu youths

Zanu (PF), with the blessing of district administrator, Cosmas Chiringa, is allocating farm land to party youths to retain their loyalty ahead of the envisaged elections next year, it has been revealed.

“Land previously allocated to landless people is being further sub-divided to accommodate youths loyal to Zanu (PF). Targeted land is mainly grazing fields,” said a source at the district lands office.

“Repossessed land belonged to suspected MDC followers and Zanu (PF) supporters whose loyalty to the party has become suspicious. As a result, there are no longer enough pastures for cattle and other livestock,” said a villager in Burma Valley, which is another targeted area.

Villagers said they presented their concerns about the issue to the District Administrators’ Office, but no action was taken. Chiringa could not be reached for a comment.

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