Leading by example

The example of leadership that we are well accustomed to in this country is a do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do kind of affair. The men in charge plunder the country’s natural resources, but expect civil servants to be satisfied with menial wages; they drive fancy cars while those in rural areas get stuck in the potholes of the poorly maintained roads; they eat fine food while farmers struggle to raise crops without the necessary infrastructure.

However, this week there have been several instances of what it means to lead by example. In Mashonaland East, the MDC-T Provincial Organising Secretary Boniface Tagwireyi spoke out strongly against the intimidation one of the new farmers in his district is facing. He announced that a list of all of the perpetrators involved was being compiled, and said there would be justice, when a new Zimbabwe is established, for those who have been intimidated by Zanu (PF) thugs.

In Chivi Central, the MDC Youth organising secretary Munoda Munemo is suing some of the top dogs in Zanu (PF) for their role in his unlawful arrest and subsequent torture. His bravery in the face of what can only be described as merciless violence is inspiring, considering how widespread this sort of behaviour is becoming once again.

If the youth continue to take on board advice from people like the MDC member of the house of assembly Tongai Matutu to have integrity, those responsible for the violence will only be betraying themselves. Matutu called on the youth to be disciplined in the face of reports of escalating terrorism. His message was not to retaliate, but to have dignity and leave the rest to the ballot.

The call for peace at the weekend by the principals of the unity government is great. But these cases of men who are prepared to show us what it means to speak out against injustice, take risks in pursuit of peace and put their lives on the line for the future of our country speak much louder than words.

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